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"We employ humans, not resources"

 This is write about  freud communications. "We believe that honesty earns trust." Wow! People, honesty, trust? Big words in this day!

Many employers, many companies do not understand that if these values ​​are missing, losses occur soon. Losses lead to lower profits leading to reduced costs. To reduce costs means unemployed, which means pressure on the budget, which means higher taxes, which means ... You know what it means. The greed leads to losses for each of us. Everybody can lost something. And for those less fortunate we talk about existence itself. 

'The empires of the future are the empires of the mind',  Wiston Churchill said. And I add: 'These empires are built by people. We can have empires of the paradise or empires of the hell. So we must be careful that people grow with their minds directed towards constructions that we all can use. First, take care of people!'


People are my Passion too!


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