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DBS Removals - My portofolio for VAN Graphics

DBS Removals is one of the activities developed by Daniel Bocancea Services Ltd. DBS  is also with you when you need to fix a plumbing p...

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DBS Removals is one of the activities developed by Daniel Bocancea Services Ltd. DBS is also with you when you need to fix a plumbing problem or when you wish to clean before or after you move.



Let's photo photographer

As a bonus: Big Freddie...


The screen play of this movie is really boring and silly. I try to keep my eyes open and see 'The Big Wedding' to the end. I managed with a great effort. It is not enough 'to collect' a handful of notable actors to be able to have a good movie. This movie is not a comedy, it is a BIG disappointment. I really felt like I lost my time and money.


How to not love Amy Winehouse?

Amy Winehouse - Back to Black (one of my favourite song 

of this original voice).

My photos...back to black :)


This is a known story...

Brian Salter tells us the same story in his book 'Successful Public Relations'..

'If a boy meets a girl and impresses upon her how wonderful he is... that's Advertising.'
'If, instead, he tells her how lovely she looks, how much she means to him and how much he cares for her... that's Sales Promotion.'
But if the girl seeks him out because she has heard from others what a splendid fellow he is... that's Public Relations!'


Logo created for Optima Servicing Group


Step by step, this blog climbs in 'rank'. I don't have too much time to spare so my pr land is poor and uncultivate. Perhaps better times will come. Until then I'll just try to keep the door open to cool here. Food - later.



 This is write about  freud communications. "We believe that honesty earns trust." Wow! People, honesty, trust? Big words in this day!

Many employers, many companies do not understand that if these values ​​are missing, losses occur soon. Losses lead to lower profits leading to reduced costs. To reduce costs means unemployed, which means pressure on the budget, which means higher taxes, which means ... You know what it means. The greed leads to losses for each of us. Everybody can lost something. And for those less fortunate we talk about existence itself. 

'The empires of the future are the empires of the mind',  Wiston Churchill said. And I add: 'These empires are built by people. We can have empires of the paradise or empires of the hell. So we must be careful that people grow with their minds directed towards constructions that we all can use. First, take care of people!'


People are my Passion too!


"I forgot to take my glasses so I can not see your point of view."

I loved!


Inside of my creativity

In marketing I'm not looking for an office...

First, I love to go outside, walk and see what it is happen around. If I see an interesting tree, this tree inspire me. Of course, I take quickly a pen and a piece of paper and I write everything.

Second, the marketing means ideas. No product, no price, no services, no location, no weather and no reputation must be glorifies. Idea. The idea is that which shines through mind waves. If your idea has ability  to glow in the minds of people and  make their minds to be dependent on a miracle that you provide...well, you are the winner.

And finally, I go to the office :) because it is necessary to type the marketing plan. But most ideas came to me when I was outside.